Maia Thomas (Rush, Noise, The Beautiful Lie) I'm so happy with these headshots. It's going to be hard for me to choose!

Luke Hunter (Music Director: The Sound of Music, Come from Away) Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for yesterday. You made the process so easy and fun. I just saw the proof sheet and I’m really really happy! Thanks so much.

Jaime Hadwen (Muriel’s Wedding, Xanadu) I had the best morning with you and Kat. Thank you so much. I’m just so grateful for your patience and direction and kindness. You really put so much time and thought into the shoot and it meant a lot.

Luke Arnold (Black Sails, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Glitch) Bloody brilliant… Thanks for the pics, man. Agent is very happy

Grant Cartwright (Polygraph, The Mill on the Floss, Angels in America) Lachy is a master both in front of and behind the lens. His insight as an actor is invaluable in guiding you towards a killer headshot that reveals the true and easeful you.

Clare Chihambakwe (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Avenue Q) Let me start by saying that after my session with Lachlan I had so many headshots I was happy with I had real trouble choosing! That has NEVER happened to me before. I loved working with Lachlan; we started out with a cup of tea and had a chat, so we got to know one another a little bit. This made me feel really comfortable when it came to the shoot as he wasn’t a complete stranger. I felt like he understood what I wanted and knew how to talk to me as an actor but also a fellow human. He gave great direction but I didn’t ever feel like I was being “positioned”. I would happily recommend him to anyone, in fact I already have!

Zack Curran (Oklahoma, Brigadoon, The 27 Club) I love the shots. Thanks so so so much!

Tilly Legge (Lightning Jar Theatre) They’re wonderful, thank you so much!!!

Eva Seymour (Puffs, Moral Panic) Lachlan makes headshot photography not only a painless experience, but an enjoyable one. There’s often so much apprehension and resistance in the lead up to getting headshots done, but Lachlan alleviates this anxiety instantly, giving great guidance and direction throughout the entire process. Being an actor himself, he knows how to achieve the best results, whilst making you feel comfortable and at ease. 

Coralie Kovski It was great working with Lachlan and Kat. He made me feel very comfortable and welcome and took the time needed to get the perfect headshot.

Suzie Kazda (Rostered On) Thank you SO much Lachie! I had the best time shooting with you!… You're my go to photographer from now on, I seriously didn’t expect such great authentic shots. 

Eliza O’Connor Thank you so much for your work on this shoot I had a blast and couldn’t be happier with the photos! I look forward to working with you again when the time comes!

Nic Clark (Truly Madly Britney) Lachlan is the consummate professional; knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, funny, detailed, excellent. It feels more like a collaboration than simply standing in front of a camera; I couldn’t recommend him more.

Ross Dwyer Working with Lachlan was such a delight. He created an incredibly safe and comfortable atmosphere, that was productive and also a lot of fun. With very simple but engaging offers he was able to capture so many beautiful shots that told a story. All I had to do was come along for the ride and marvel at his work afterwards. It was a fantastic experience, and I’m very happy with the result! I could not recommend him enough!

Robbie Breugelmans (Hi-5) Lachlan was a dream to work with. He made me feel instantly comfortable in a situation that can be very daunting. Lachlan also challenged me not to look 'cool or trendy' but to consider exactly what I wanted to portray with my headshots, an idea that brought out a much more interesting final product. If you don't instantly feel comfortable in front of the camera or you just want your photo taken by someone who knows both sides of the process - then Lachlan is the right photographer for you!

Michael Gwynne Lachlan is a fantastic photographer and much more. He is a collaborator, a listener, he directs, gives creative solutions and most importantly – for an actor who loathes getting head shots – gets you relaxed and being yourself. I cannot imagine going to any other photographer in Melbourne ever again.